Gaming PCs vs Consoles. Which is better for gaming?

You must have definitely come across a discussion on this subject somewhere on the internet or within your peers. If it’s not PlayStation vs Xbox, then it is PC vs. both of them. This is not an easy question to answer due to the fact that both have many advantages and disadvantages. The better choice for you will indeed, ultimately be subjective which will depend on your preferences and budget. In this podcast, I will be stating the most critical factors that you should keep in mind if you’re trying to decide which platform suits you.

There are basic things to consider when making your choice. You will have to consider your income level. For a pc gamer, there is a wide variety of options to buy and you can also choose to build your own customized gaming pc to suite your taste. For a console gamer, costs are generally limited to purchasing a console, its games and maybe perhaps, extra controllers and online multiplayer passes.

You will also need to consider your technical skills. It is possible to modify console hardware setups but that is not necessary. One must be very careful when doing so and if possible, seek assistance from the developers of these consoles to avoid damage. PC gamers will need some intermediate skill level such as upgrades in hardware components which include GPU, RAM and SSD and installation of new drivers to optimize their computers to run some of the games on a long run even when they purchased pre-built gaming pcs.

Console gamers are restricted to using only the peripherals that work for that console. Unlike consoles, PC supports a wide variety of these peripherals ranging from the types of controllers you choose to use, joysticks and even favorite gaming keyboards and mouse. For me, I am most comfortable with using gaming mouse when playing first-person shooter games. They are favored by gamers like myself who can’t afford to have anything less than perfect accuracy.

Just like you can modify your PC, you can also modify your games and add extra features to its original version. This is an outstanding feature when comparing gaming PCs to console.

In summary, we have seen that gaming PCs offers better graphics and performance, cheaper games and more upgrade options but these gaming PCs can be very expensive especially the ones that are built to standard and they are also bit difficult to maintain on a long run. However, consoles are more affordable, easy to set up and use and require very little resources or technical skills to maintain. The disadvantages of consoles are based on the fact that their games are expensive, each console have restrictions on the kind of gaming components they accept and their graphics settings cannot be customized as well as their performance.

So which gaming platform should you choose? Speaking as a gamer, I prefer having a gaming PC. That doesn’t mean you are objectively wrong if you don’t choose it. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is for you to be comfortable playing and being able to go with any extra expenses involved in maintaining it and staying up to date.





Commencez par Dieu. La victoire est assurée. ✍️

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Commencez par Dieu. La victoire est assurée. ✍️

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